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Who Are Members
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  Who are Members of ACRA?

The American Collegiate Retailing Association is a professional educator organization composed of members from four-year institutions that have retail programs or retail courses. The membership is composed of faculty from: business schools, liberal arts, economics, human ecology, textiles, design and apparel that teach in academic retailing program or administer retailing program.  Diverse membership among academic disciplines studying issues impacting retailing is encouraged. In addition to faculty from retailing, marketing, merchandising programs, membership may include faculty from schools teaching a. business, b. human ecology, c. liberal arts, d. economics, e. textiles, f. design, and g. apparel production h. e-commerce and industry professionals who share the commitment to the purpose of the Association.


                                  Membership Structure and Rules

1.     Membership classifications include; a. regular and b. associate member.

2.     Applications for membership shall be processed by the membership chairperson, who may choose to submit and exceptional case to the members of the Association for a majority vote.

3.     The membership rate for dues shall be determined at the annual meeting of the Association.

4.     Regular and Associate members pay dues while Honorary and life members are exempt from dues.

5.     A member failing to pay membership dues for two consecutive years will be dropped from membership in the Association.

                   A. Regular Voting Membership

Regular voting membership is reserved for full time faculty or administrators at four year colleges or universities and those teaching in or administrating graduate programs in similar institutions. For non-U.S. institutions, members representing schools offering equivalent baccalaureate or master’s degree programs will be voting members.

Individuals must be directly responsible for teaching or administrative duty in an academic program with a curriculum including at least one course or internship programs in retailing specialty. The aspect of the program covering retail specific content must have been in operation for at least two years prior to the request for membership.

The number of members from any college or university shall be unlimited, as long as each member meets the above criteria.

                  B. Associate Membership

Regular members in good standing who no longer hold full time academic positions, or teach retail specific courses, shall be permitted to retain their privileges as Associate members.

Associate membership may be extended to retail industry professionals who have an interest in making a contribution to academic teaching and research in retailing.

Graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs of study in academic disciplines involving retailing issues, or teaching retail courses in doctoral programs at accredited universities are eligible to become associate members.